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Information Services

The Legislative Counsel provides information processing services to the Legislature through the operation of the Legislative Data Center.  This information technology branch of the office maintains databases that contain information on pending legislation and provisions of existing law, and supports the use of those databases by the office's legal division, by the Capitol and district offices of the Members of the Legislature, and by the Office of the Legislative Analyst.  In addition, the Legislative Data Center maintains the Internet site for public information on legislation.  

Through the Legislative Data Center, a technical staff of systems analysts, programmers, systems software and networking specialists, operations personnel, and trainers is available to serve the Legislature.  The Data Center is responsible for complex statewide Wide Area, Local Area, and Wireless Networks with over 500 servers, a mainframe computer, over 3000 personal computers and wireless devices, sophisticated storage management systems, and a customer support center providing service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.